Our approach to security starts with helping our clients understand the seriousness of being infected. Having your customers’ confidential data compromised, suffering a denial of access attack across your network and downtime caused by inoperable systems can be devastating to your business. EndPoint Systems will assess your systems for weak areas and points of entry to determine the proper measure of action required.

The weakest point of security in any business will always default to the user and even with the latest and greatest security measures in place, it all can still go south. All it takes is just one misleading web link, e-mail or attachment for a newly developed virus to start spreading and allowing malicious users full access to your systems and data.

No IT security system is fool-proof nor guarantees 100 percent protection. We offer a layered solution to help protect your business continuity and your data from viruses and ransomware.

Ransomware Prevention

Active Scanning

Controlled Access

Secure Data

What is security?

IT security encompasses many active and passive actions that are used effectively to safeguard devices and critical data.

Can I get reinfected?

If your systems become compromised by ransomware or a crippling virus it’s highly likely your business will continue to be a target. Malicious users go for the low hanging fruit and are sure to modify their attacks against your systems to gain entry once again.

Is ransomware a real threat?

Ransomware by far is the most devastating threat across the Internet, wreaking havoc for businesses of all industries and sizes. Ransomware works by denying access to all data across your network in exchange for payment. Delaying payment only further increases the price. In some cases paying the ransom doesn’t result in access to your data.

Lock those open doors!

We will fully manage your network and systems so there’s no need to worry—just focus on doing what you do best, growing your business.

What our clients think

  • Hannes Kovac
    “Needed urgent help at my home to get control of my teenage kids' use of WiFi. They came, installed what we needed and educated my wife and I how to use it. Great experience.”

    Hannes Kovac, President & CEO

    OPUS Corporation
  • Gustav Nel
    “EndPoint Systems goes far beyond the end point of customer service, they actually care to the extent, where they will find a solution for you no matter how long it takes. I highly recommend working with them, anytime!”

    Gustav Nel, Owner

    goOse Films
  • “Kevin recently helped us in configuring our video wall in one of our new store locations. His insights and expertise were invaluable. He was quick to follow up and supported us till the job was done. Very pleased with the level of service and would recommend to any business.”

    Henna Razvi, General Manager