Disaster Recovery

We approach disaster recovery with multiple layers of redundancy (having multiple copies of data and devices) and accessibility as our focus. We provide reliable systems and platforms that allow for business continuity, no matter the situation.

It is common to set and forget backups at the time a system is put into production. Scheduling backups is always the right approach. However, confirming that your backups are error-free is just as critical as the data itself. Never assume that your data is being backed up, nor assume that you can at any time restore files or systems as needed.

Having an off-site backup solution allows data recovery in the event of fire, flood, electrical or hardware failure at your office. Not having off-site backups leaves you at risk.

Reduced Downtime

Scheduled Backups

Off-site Backups

Multiple Snapshots

What is disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery is the plan of action that comes into effect to ensure business continuity is maintained. Disaster recovery allows for your critical applications and services to be online all the time. Having just a single backup does not guarantee the protection of your data.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Every business should ask themselves if they have a disaster recovery plan. If you already have a disaster recovery plan in place, are all the components of your solution functioning, readily available and at what frequency does testing occur?

What’s the cost of downtime?

Let’s face it, downtime means lost revenue. Whether downtime emerges from small employee grievances, department outages or total system failure, a working disaster recovery solution is needed. EndPoint Systems ensures that your mission critical data is backed up frequently, securely and is easily accessible. Being prepared can make all the difference in employee productivity, delivering services to your customers in a timely manner and maintaining your market presence.

Can’t find that saved file?

We will fully manage your network and systems so there’s no need to worry—just focus on doing what you do best, growing your business.

    What our clients think

    • Hannes Kovac
      “Needed urgent help at my home to get control of my teenage kids' use of WiFi. They came, installed what we needed and educated my wife and I how to use it. Great experience.”

      Hannes Kovac, President & CEO

      OPUS Corporation
    • Gustav Nel
      “EndPoint Systems goes far beyond the end point of customer service, they actually care to the extent, where they will find a solution for you no matter how long it takes. I highly recommend working with them, anytime!”

      Gustav Nel, Owner

      goOse Films
    • “Kevin recently helped us in configuring our video wall in one of our new store locations. His insights and expertise were invaluable. He was quick to follow up and supported us till the job was done. Very pleased with the level of service and would recommend to any business.”

      Henna Razvi, General Manager