Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the future of business IT. With an extensive list of cloud services available, you have the flexibility to tailor these services to your specific business needs. Tailoring these services is a cost-effective way to pay for exactly what you need. Moving to the cloud provides the scalability to add or remove resources such as storage, memory and processing power on demand. Having access to easy scalability also allows businesses to only pay for what they need when they need it.

Servers and storage space can now be rented for a low monthly fee, instead of the large upfront capital cost required to implement the necessary hardware and software that facilitates such services.

The cloud can also be used as a collaborative tool to increase employee productivity, especially for users who are on the go. Whether using Google Docs, Office 365 apps or Dropbox these cloud services allow multiple users to access and edit files simultaneously. These collaborative tools make it possible for your employees to access critical data or files at the office, at home or while traveling.



Cost Effective


What are cloud services?

When services are provided from remote servers over the Internet they are termed cloud services. The perfect example is e-mail.

What about privacy in the cloud?

Choosing the right cloud storage service that suits you best is critical when considering the geographical location of your data. EndPoint Systems provides storage to Canadian businesses within the bounds of Canada and in compliance with the Canadian Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

How can I benefit from the cloud?

The main benefits of cloud computing are in cost savings, availability and easy scalability. Businesses are moving away from bulk licenses to application flat fee services where resources can be upgraded on the fly. Because these services are hosted via the Internet they're accessible anywhere.

Can you see IT in the cloud?

We will fully manage your cloud platform and provide a level of availability like never before—just focus on making those sales.

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    • Hannes Kovac
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      Hannes Kovac, President & CEO

      OPUS Corporation
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      “EndPoint Systems goes far beyond the end point of customer service, they actually care to the extent, where they will find a solution for you no matter how long it takes. I highly recommend working with them, anytime!”

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    • “Kevin recently helped us in configuring our video wall in one of our new store locations. His insights and expertise were invaluable. He was quick to follow up and supported us till the job was done. Very pleased with the level of service and would recommend to any business.”

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